Man mails in Wii U for repair, Nintendo mails back his wedding ring

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We have shared tales of Nintendo in Japan practicing spectacular customer service before. For instance, there was the time that Nintendo shipped a 95-year-old woman a new Game Boy because the company did not have the parts on hand to repair hers. This new story isn’t quite that amazing, but it is awfully funny. A Japanese man mailed his Wii U to Nintendo for repair — and Nintendo mailed back his wedding ring, which was inside the Wii U.

Those facts, we know for certain. However, if we also trust a bit of Google Translate, it would seem that the man’s daughter may have inserted the wedding ring inside the Wii U, thinking of it like inserting coins into a piggy bank. That would raise new questions of how she got his ring and how long the ring was missing, but I guess a little bit of a mystery is a good thing.

Wii U was one of Nintendo’s most dramatic financial failures (and also extremely underrated, I would argue), and it’s kind of admirable that this person cared enough to mail in the device for repair in the first place. Perhaps Wii U would have fared better if every console came with a wedding ring. It may have helped sales of Nintendo Switch ever so slightly, anyway.


John Friscia
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