Ubisoft Bringing Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell Blacklist to Wii U, Axes Beyond Good & Evil 2

Last time we told you a few hours before the Nintendo Direct that it would feature the Wii U VC and the Monolith Soft game reveal. This time, we\’re hearing that Ubisoft is in fact bringing Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Watchdogs to Wii U, as was hinted at yesterday in an EB Games listing. They are slated to release on the same day for all three consoles. However, they probably won\’t be in this Nintendo Direct. Ubisoft said in meetings that they are planning to do the reveal at a separate time. (Maybe a separate Nintendo Direct?) Things may change at the last moment according to the general strategy between Nintendo and Ubisoft but for now don\’t expect to see them. However, they are in fact slated for a Wii U release. We also are 99% sure that a Deus Ex Human Revolution port is on its way from Square Enix, from what people in the industry have been saying. But, what is in fact in store for today’s Nintendo Direct?

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We\’ve heard that Nintendo has set specific dates for Pikmin 3 and a few others so we imagine Nintendo will talk about that during the event, as well as talking more about Need For Speed Most Wanted U (being handled by the incredible Criterion, of Burnout fame), possibly something about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and some Wii U system updates/info. Other than that we\’re just as much in the dark as everyone else.

However, we had a staff member at DICE and he heard about a game cancellation on Wii U and after putting the pieces together we\’re fairly confident that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the game that fits the description. The game was a sequel to a game that flopped commercially but built up a fanbase over time. It was in development for Wii U and the hope was to \”up-port\” it to future consoles for launch but things looked risky from the business end. The two reasons given for the cancellation of the project were:

1) Sales of Wii U were too low in Europe, where the publisher was looking to get a significant amount of the game sales.

2) The publisher heard the pricing of one future console from the console’s maker and got scared that penetration of the console at launch might be too low due to the economy.

Taking such a gamble was too much at the moment for the publisher and they axed development of the entire project. So, Rayman Legends was delayed and turned multi-platform, Beyond Good & Evil 2 got the axe for all systems, but Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are definites. As well, as Deus Ex HR.

Stay tuned later this week for our feature on the 50+ Upcoming Wii U Games We\’re Most Excited For. Let’s hope this Nintendo Direct adds a few more games to our list. Also check out our busy chat and our new forums which we unveiled this past week, where you can discuss everything going before, during, and after the Nintendo Direct.

Update: One of our staff in Canada got a call from EB Games saying that Aliens for Wii U has been cancelled. It also seems to have been delisted by a few retailers.