Wii U – Save to HDD or USB, not to SD


Several sites are reporting this as bad news, but I don\’t see what the big deal is. Nintendo has provided numerous solutions, and with the sheer size of downloadable retail games, a USB HDD is probably the most cost efficient way of having numerous downloads.

  • The original Wii allows downloads to save to SD Card.
  • The 3DS allows downloads to save to SD Card.
  • The Wii U wont allow this, but instead internal storage or USB Hard Drive.
  • It may be possible to save to a SD Card though a USB Card Reader, but not confirmed.
  • Any downloaded software can only be played on the Wii U it was downloaded on.

Earlier in the week Nintendo did confirm that any downloaded software can be shared across the twelve accounts possible on each Wii U console. The way this was worded seem to indicate this was the same for all eShop games, downloaded Retail games as well as DLC.