Wii U Owners Push Back at Ubisoft Over Watch Dogs

Wii U owners got bad news yesterday from Ubisoft. A confirmation of a release date on all systems was announced yesterday except for the Wii U. Many fans pointed to the fiasco as a reverse of Rayman Legends, which was delayed on the Wii U to accommodate a PS3 and Xbox 360 version. In a satisfying twist of fate, Rayman Legends actually sold best on the Wii U platform.

 So Wii U owners decided to put things into their own hands, and ask Ubisoft the questions that need answers. An open blog was put up on Ubisofts website yesterday by Gary Steinman, Communications Manager at Ubisoft, who explained the issue of the Watch Dogs delay on all platforms (Wii U excluded). In the comments section, Wii U owners banded together and asked the tough questions and demanded answers. Although not many answers were given, Mr. Steinman did say the following when asked when the Wii U version was delayed even further:

\”The Wii U is unique. We want to make the game fit the Wii U. The team is taking the time to do so, so you can have the best Wii U version possible.\”

When asked about if the Wii U version was cancelled:

\”The Wii U version is not cancelled. The team truly is taking the time to address the unique functionality and design of the Wii U and make it the best it can be.\”

Whether any of this is true or just PR work is subjective, but Wii U owners are at least getting into Ubisoft’s ear. If you would like to ask a question or make a statement, please follow this link and make your voice heard.

Shawn Long
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