Wii U not Listed for Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion Remake


Hot on Scrooge McDuck’s tails of his coat and news of Ducktales: Remastered comes even more news to make you wish were right inside the Magic Kingdom.  Today, Sega has confirmed that the classic \’Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse\’ will be released this Summer; however, word on the street is that it is only coming out on the XBox Live arcade, Steam, and PlayStation Network.

The game is being remastered from top to bottom by Sega’s team in Australia and according to Nintendo Everything it will offer \”stunning visuals and new game play mechanics\”.  Nintendo Everything also said that the Wii and PS Vita were included in official Brazilian classification ratings for games which leaves us with quite a head scratching headache.

Let’s hope that no word on the game appearing on the Wii U is just an illusion and that maybe they are adding extra special features for the Wii U version itself.

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[Source: Nintendo Everything]

Tom Stovall