\”Wii U Is Pretty Powerful… Which Means You Can Do A Lot More [than current consoles]\” -Vigil


Wii U is talked about once again as having superior performance.

The interview with a Director at Vigil Games, Han Randhawa, was done by Zoomingames in Amsterdam recently (video below). His answers provide clues not only about Death’s role in Darksiders 2, but about the performance of the Wii U hardware, which he claims is \”pretty powerful\” and \”has more resources…which means you can do a lot more\” compared to the currently available consoles. What is still not clear from Mr. Randhawa’s comments is how much the Darksiders 2 Wii U team will take advantage of that additional power and resources of the Wii U console to the extent of making a noticeable difference of how the game will look on the TV compared to the other consoles.