Wii U Exclusive GravBlocks+ Available October

Developer From Nothing Game Studios has revealed that their Wii U exclusive title GravBlocks+ will be available for download in October. The title is a rebuilt, HD form of GravBlocks specifically made for the Wii U.

Similar in concept to the classic Tetris but with an added twist, gravity can change!  As the game’s title suggests players will be able to change gravity affecting how and where blocks will fall resulting in much deeper gameplay.  The game isn\’t just a simple puzzle game however, it comes packed with several modes including a story mode, challenge mode, zen mode, destruction mode and of course puzzle mode.


The story mode will feature 90 levels of puzzles that must be played in order to escape from the aliens who\’ve abducted you.  Challenge mode is more similar to the classic falling-block style you would expect which increases in speed, hazard and block types the longer you play.  Zen mode is mainly the same as challenge mode except the difficulty never increases allowing you to relax and lose yourself into the rhythm of the game.  Destruction mode will have you focusing on clearing out all the blocks as quickly as you can and finally puzzle mode will challenge your skills in being able to plan ahead and remove the blocks on screen within  a set number of moves.

You can catch watch a trailer of the game below.


Jason Lepine
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