Wii U can format DVDs and burn eShop games to them, it turns out

Wii U burns Nintendo eShop video games to DVD DVD-RAM USB format disc

YouTuber Niles Mitchell reached out to us with a pretty cool video he made, and we had no choice but to share it. (Thanks, Niles!) He has discovered that it is possible to plug a DVD burner into a Wii U and, under the right circumstances, burn video games to the disc to play later, including Nintendo eShop games. The process involves a few steps, and the goal is to just trick the Wii U into thinking it’s dealing with a typical USB drive.

Firstly, you need a device that can actually provide sufficient power to the DVD burner, since the Wii U can’t do that by itself. Then you need a DVD-RAM disc, as a typical DVD-R disc won’t be recognized by the Wii U. After that, you just select the “Format USB Storage Device” option from Settings, and it will format the DVD-RAM disc into something that can store a video game. In the video, Mitchell burns Shakedown Hawaii to the disc, which (after a lengthy load time) fires up on the Wii U and allows him to play normally. Of course, access to the eShop game is still tied to his Nintendo Account and isn’t as useful as an official game disc, but it’s still a pretty neat trick.

Are you surprised to find that Wii U can burn games to DVD and play them without issue?

John Friscia
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