Wii U Allegedly Outsells Xbox One Globally Last Week

While not the most accurate source of information, the ever controversial VGChartz has put up their sales for the week of December 21st. While the information may not be completely accurate, if used as a baseline for sales it wields some promising results for Nintendo this Holiday season.

Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
\"3DS\" 414,705 351,656 240,390 1,078,568
\"PS4\" 290,244 264,100 N/A 656,655
\"X360\" 285,086 99,016 688 407,991
\"PS3\" 113,949 184,417 24,058 401,537
\"WiiU\" 130,323 59,055 114,516 319,860
\"XOne\" 225,748 64,099 N/A 307,366
\"PSV\" 39,510 67,023 51,670 176,149
\"Wii\" 47,944 50,657 2,072 114,274
\"PSP\" 7,029 48,805 8,885 95,786
\"DS\" 12,140 11,120 40 25,270

Based on the numbers provided the Wii U outsold the Xbox One globally last week, which is an impressive feat based on the hype and \”newness\” of the Xbox One. While the Xbox One has not been released in Japan, Microsoft has never had a strong influence on the Japanese market. The spike in sales for both US and Japan has to be pleasing for Nintendo when it comes to the Wii U.

As what seems to be the normal trend, the Nintendo 3DS dominated all platforms with over 1 million sold in the last week, while even the Wii saw a nice increase for the Holidays.

As stated prior: These are NOT concrete numbers, just speculation. What do you think of the numbers? Could that be the reason for the downtime of the Nintendo eShop that plagued the world this past week?

Shawn Long
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