Wii Sports glitch discovered nearly 15 years later that totally breaks golf

Wii Sports Glitch golf Plyd823

Wii Sports was a phenomenon that helped the Wii catapult to instant success as a pack-in title, becoming an accessible title for family and friends of all ages. Now, nearly 15 years after release, someone has a found a new glitch for Wii Sports in the golf mode that totally breaks the game.

It was on Feb. 18 that the game-breaking glitch was discovered, and YouTube channel Plyd823, who has previously done Wii Sports golf speedruns, has found additional applications for it. The new glitch allows you to take shots from any location, including out of bounds. To perform the glitch, you need to disconnect your Wii Remote during the shot. After doing this, the Mii on screen enters a “disconnected” state. Wii Sports then gets confused, inputting a shot when you reconnect and tricking the game into thinking the ball landed far away, including out-of-bounds locations. You can then take additional shots directly on top of water or on hillsides, for instance. Wii Sports golf becomes a much wilder game with this glitch, but it does not seem to impact the other sports included in the game much.

It’s always exciting when new discoveries are made in older titles. Also, I find it fascinating that speedruns for Wii Sports even exist. As relayed by Nintendo Life, Gaming Reinvented offers a full text breakdown of the Wii Sports glitch. There might be more discoveries that have yet to be made in various Wii games, so it will be interesting to see whether or not more glitches are found.

In related news, we recently reported on how an hour of high-quality Nintendo E3 2006 footage had been preserved and uploaded online, including substantial pre-release Wii gameplay footage for titles such as Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports.


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