What a concept: Indie developer shares his vision of a NES John Wick video game


I always find it fascinating when someone demakes a game or movie. Seeing a concept reimagined as a video game I would have played as a kid stirs intense nostalgia within me. Now that I’m an adult, my pleasure derives from seeing movies like John Wick without adult supervision. Imagine what it would be like to play a killer film like John Wick as an NES-style side-scroller, reconciling my adult self with my childhood persona? It’ll probably never happen, but at least a Brazilian indie developer shared a short concept on what it could look like.

John Wick, AKA Baba Yaga

Check out the video Dominic Ninmark shared on YouTube:

Dominic’s vision is spectacular and true to the films. Granted, I’ve never seen John jump over missiles while destroying a helicopter with a handgun, but it’s a plausible scenario for a skilled assassin like him. In addition, this footage reminds me of the NES Batman: The Video Game, itself a fantastic game based on a timeless film.

Enthusiasts, are you longing for an 8-bit style John Wick adventure after viewing this clip? Let us know if you think it would make all the money in the world with a comment below.

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