Which games did you enjoy revisiting in SNES Online?

After a year’s worth of dripfed NES titles via Nintendo Switch Online, SNES Online finally launched for the platform last week. With 20 renowned retro titles to choose from, those subscribed to the Switch’s online service were free to try these yesteryear games out for the first time, or take a trip down memory lane by revisiting old favorites from their childhoods.

In my case, the Super Nintendo was the system that defined Nintendo in my formative years, long before I got my own Game Boy Advance. Trips to grandma’s cottage meant countless hours spent between me, my siblings, and my cousins playing Super Mario World!

Nintendo Switch Online SNES

Playing with power

When SNES Online released with these two among the launch lineup, I immediately focused on Super Mario World. With all the time I spent playing the original and the Super Mario Advance 2 remake growing up, I wound up memorizing the game inside and out. Before I realized it, I wound up spending the entire weekend completing the whole thing! All I could vividly remember was launching the game and then zoning out entirely as I went after all the secret exits, Star Road, and then some. Granted, the Rewind feature did make clearing the more frustrating stages much easier (I’m looking at you specifically, Tubular). In spite of that, hitting that ?96 clear marker on my save file in record time was such a rewarding feeling!

With Super Mario World out of the way, I poked around with another old favorite in Super Mario Kart. Suddenly the AI was a lot harder than I remember it being (dang rubber band); nonetheless, my priority was unlocking the Special Cup for later multiplayer sessions with my little bro. However, Super Mario Kart was but a side dish compared to my other childhood flame; when I’m not trying to work my way through 150cc, my sessions with SNES Online would bring me back to Yoshi’s Island.

A long, long time ago…

While I grew up playing the Advance 3 version, the Mario World prequel was an absolute blast to revisit! Unlike SMW, Yoshi’s Island is a game that I have a harder time remembering (aside from a certain animated parody) since I haven’t played it since the DS. So, I might as well be going through most of it blind!

Still, I remember loving Yoshi’s Island back in the day. After all, this was the game that spawned a whole subseries of platformers starring the egg-tossing green dino, while also doubling as an origin story for the Mushroom Kingdom hero we know and love. I’m still working my way through World 4 at the moment, but power-ups like the Yoshi transformations and Superstar Mario, and memorable bosses like Burt the Bashful and the easily KOable Naval Piranha will never get old for me.

In any case, this is all just my experience with SNES Online so far, but now I want to hear from you! Which old favorite of yours from the Super Nintendo did you fall in love with all over again over the past week? Which SNES title should Nintendo add next to the service? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments.

Jeffrey McDonell
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