What’s the most glaring omission in your Switch library?

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The Switch has so many games. It’s the exact opposite problem that the Wii U had, and it’s a pretty damn good problem to have. Even if you’ve been keeping up with the Switch since its launch, you’ve probably managed to fall behind in crafting your ideal library. Following several multi-month stretches where a big-ticket first-party game came out every few weeks, the Switch catalog has grown to a pretty hefty point. Which of the hybrid system’s popular games are missing from your library?

A few come to mind for me, but the most prominent is certainly Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It seems like everyone has it. The only reason I don’t have it yet is I’m just annoyed knowing that I can’t have more than one island on my console – my girlfriend wants to play too, Nintendo, and the local co-op just doesn’t look like it’ll do. I’ll end up buying it eventually, but I’m just not in any hurry.

Aside from Animal Crossing, I’m also very interested in eventually picking up Fire Emblem: Three HousesThe Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Astral Chain.

What popular Switch games are missing from your collection? There are plenty of great ones – most people are missing out on at least one. Let us know what you’re still needing in the comments.

Nick Pearson
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