What’s New in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

I\’m the Mayor of this Town

We know many new features are coming to Animal Crossing New Leaf and everything the fans love about the series is returning, only more! A famous new dynamic is that you become mayor of your own town. It sounds very exciting, and I can\’t wait to experience this for myself. Being mayor brings in many new possibilities of what you can truly accomplish in your town, what you can change and add (new architecture being one of them.) Being able to swim now, and change all of your clothing are small features that broaden the overall gameplay. It’s always been the simple touches in the series that really make it shine. Practically everything is open to customization by now and you\’ll end up living in a town you love– because you made it exactly how you want it.


This Ain\’t no Sims 3

Activities like fishing, digging, and even just stargazing make you feel like you\’re really in the game. Fishing looks even better than before in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Fishing tournaments include a special ceremony at the end.  Be prepared for special surprise birthday parties with your neighbors too. Happy birthday to you.. squirrel! The series is one of those by which you can kick back, relax, and get lost in the game for a couple hours. Whether you\’re the kind of player who spends 20 minutes with the game everyday, or spends a few hours with it a couple times a week, it’s a game that can encompass multiple play-styles. The goal of the game is living, and in Animal Crossing you get to live the life that you want; which is what gives the series its unique flavor. It’s much more than just a simulation game, rather, one with emotions in which you can really connect and get to know all of the quirky and oddball members of your town. That’s not something you\’ll get much of in a Sims game. You\’ll have to be even more connected with the townsfolk now that you\’re to be their mayor. But, remember, it’s not all fun and games — you have to make money too.


How to Make a Buck

When it comes to amassing your fortune it’s up to you to decide how to pull it off. You can dig up fossils and sell them, or you can be the town’s fruit thief. When it comes to your own fruit, it has never been worth much. That’s why you\’ll want to collect exotic fruit from another town, or the new islands introduced in New Leaf (remember, you can swim.) No longer are you working for that Tom Nook character. I always found him a bit sketchy, but still a fun town member. Don\’t forget about all your shells you can run on the beach and collect. On top of that, you can always sell your old furniture, or household items that you no longer want. It’s completely your decision, so work your tail off! When you swim, you can now also dive for crustaceans. More special items to collect! You\’ll be able to display fossils in your own home now as well. So you can donate to the museum, but I may be greedy and keep all of mine now. On top of that, you can now dig up special crystals of some sort. There are so many more items to collect this time around, and so much more to do!


Additions Throughout the Year

Streetpass and Spotpass will play big parts in this game. With Spotpass, there is the possibility of DLC, which will most likely happen throughout the year. That’s exciting, because Animal Crossing is the perfect series for DLC. It fits, and goes well together. The possibilities are endless with both Streetpass and Spotpass. Just like Animal Crossing: City Folk, New Leaf has the possibility to receive special items from Nintendo for certain events, holidays, prizes, and so much more.

With the game already released in Japan, our turn is just around the corner. We have so much more to do this time around. So much much to look forward to. Becoming the mayor will be a welcoming addition, and an exciting one at that. Digging for crystals, or diving for crustaceans, or even just digging for fossils will be all worth your time in an effort to get them all! I can see myself logging more hours into this game, than any prior game of this series. Bring on Animal Crossing: New Leaf is all I can say! Keep an eye out for the official release date of this game for your country! This will be a must have Nintendo 3DS game. I look forward to having the game in my hands, as I\’m sure all of you will as well! If you\’re excited for the next installment of Animal Crossing, let us know in the comments below.