What we can expect from Pokémon Sword and Shield

What we can expect from Pokémon Sword and Shield

Finally, Pokémon fans got their first look at the next game in the mainline series. Pokémon Sword and Shield were revealed during today’s Pokémon Direct. There was some good info such as the starters we’ll choose from and a glimpse at the new Galar region. But there are still so many questions that need answering!

So let’s take what we did get from this reveal and figure out what we can expect from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

What we can expect from Pokemon Sword and Shield

The United Kingdom of “pika”

To those with a cultured eye, you may have noticed how the new Galar region looks an awful lot like the United Kingdom. I have even seen friends of mine across the pond make the claim. It’s hard not to draw comparisons also when seeing the European-style architecture.

What really sold it for me, however, was one trainer battle. In the shot above, our rival (or random passerby) is looking quite dapper in duds that Harry Potter would approve. Will there be magic in Sword and Shield? Do we have to attend classes? Who’s our Voldemort? We need to know!

New region = new Pokémon

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that there are different Pokémon in different parts of the world. Sun and Moon last showed us this with its Alolan theme. So why not Galarian Pokémon also?

This one is already confirmed from the Direct, but we still want to see which fresh faces we’ll be throwing our Poké Balls at later this year. Admittedly, the close design similarities with the starters have me a bit worried. I want some really weird and different-looking Pokémon to catch. Since this is essentially England, why not a fish Pokémon named Chips? It could even fire french fry-like quills from its back. Remember, you heard it here first.

Pokémon Stadium lives on

The part of the direct showing a Lucario battling it out in an arena has my brain in overdrive. Could we be getting some Pokémon Stadium action in Sword and Shield?

This is likely the PVP mode at play that seems to grow from the Battle Royal in Sun and Moon. The way this stadium looks, however, has me jonesing for the N64 classic. If Game Freak essentially makes Pokémon Stadium 3 within Sword and Shield, that could be a game changer. Just please don’t have Pikachu jumping from a helicopter onto a map. We’ve had plenty of that kind of battle royal lately.

What we can expect from Pokémon Sword and Shield

We are not alone

Cue music from The X-Files for this one. A part of the Pokémon Direct today showed off the different landscapes you will be able to explore. There were snow-capped mountains, jewel-encrusted caves, and even crop formations on a hillside. Uhh…. what?

There doesn’t seem to be any crops in this particular show, but perhaps that’s just how alien Pokémon roll. Yeah, that’s right. Pokémon. From outer space. Beaming out of UFOs. Or is it Magnezones in this case? Either way, the truth is out there. Something is amiss on this planet and beyond.

What we can expect from Pokémon Sword and Shield

Fifa up in here

You got sportsball in my Pokémon! The final shot before the dramatic fade to white reveals what looks like a soccer-like uniform on the default trainer. Could EA be teaming up with Nintendo to bring in mass appeal?

It’s easy to quickly assume that the trainer here is just getting ready for a PVP battle, what with the crowd and stadium here. But just look at what he’s wearing. Those shorts aren’t just for standing around barking orders at small creatures who do your bidding. Once again, we turn to the British theme at play here. How could this not be some type of soccer minigame? Now to see if Hitmonlee will join our squad.

What are you hoping to see in Pokémon Sword and Shield? Let us know in the comments!

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