What video game series do you think should become a TV show?

What video game series do you think should become a TV show?

We learned today that Final Fantasy XIV is getting a live-action TV show. It follows in the footsteps of several video game series of past and present. Super Mario Bros. received two cartoons in the U.S. (and a new movie on the way). Sonic the Hedgehog has received a whopping five animated TV series. And on the non-animated front, Mortal Kombat had a short-lived live action series. Plus, The Witcher is currently coming to Netflix. This all has us wondering: What else should receive a television series?

The Legend of Zelda would be such an easy answer, and rumors of such have come and gone. However, for me personally, I think I would be most excited for a Phantasy Star live-action TV show. For the uninitiated, Phantasy Star takes place in the Algol solar system, and it combines fantasy with science fiction. Occasionally, you also run into nightmarish monstrosities like this one:

Dark Force: What video game series do you think should become a TV show?


I feel like the Phantasy Star backdrop could be used to weave an amazing space opera. And with creatures like seen above, there could even be an insidious horror aspect baked in. That would make for an awesome TV show!

After that, my honorable mention would go to Punch-Out!, maybe. I would love a bright and cheerful Punch-Out! cartoon, detailing Little Mac’s journey to the top. That just sounds like a fun time to me.

Your turn! What video game series would you like to see become a TV show? Tell us in the comments below!

John Friscia
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