What To Expect From Nintendo at E3 2015

Nintendo held with the latest Nintendo Direct and dropped a few big surprises, but due to some of those big announcements, something came to my mind: why did they reveal some of those things before E3?

For those who aren’t aware, this year’s E3 will open it’s doors this June 16th until June 18th, which is literally in two months.

What surprises am I’m talking about? One of them is the first trailer of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem after being teased back in 2012. Then we have the new trailer of Fire Emblem If, the announcement of Fatal Frame V’s localization, the NFC reader for the Nintendo 3DS and well, Lucas in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

None of those things will be released before June, and some of them won’t even be released until 2016, being quite a contradiction of what the Nintendo Direct said it would be about.

Since Nintendo isn’t stupid to release all the big news when the biggest gaming event is pretty close, this means they have a lot of big announcements saved for the event. But what are the announcements? Let’s guess…


Star Fox for Wii U’s announcement
This game was shown during the latest E3, where a small selection of people were able to see it or play it. Basically, it will use both screens to play: the TV will show the classic camera while the GamePad will show the point of view of the cockpit.

It was said it would be finished within one year, and then was confirmed that it would be released before the Wii U installment of the The Legend of Zelda franchise. So while Link’s adventure was delayed, Fox’s one wasn’t.

If the Nintendo Treehouse event is made again for this E3, I bet this game will be the first to be played.


The other two of Miyamoto’s small games
Better known as the father of Mario and many other Nintendo’s characters, he wasn’t just working on the new Star Fox but also two small games that will make a heavy use of the GamePad.

One is Project: Giant Robot, a game where you control a giant robot against giant enemies and the other Project: Guard, where you control a variety of security cameras attacking enemies that try to attack your base.


A new Pokémon game
Pokémon is quite a popular franchise, but it is also a yearly one. For example, Pokémon Black/White 2 were released in 2012, Pokémon X/Y in 2013 and Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire last year.

It is hard to guess if it will be a new title with a new generation, a sequel like Pokémon X/Y 2, a re-release Pokémon Z or Beta Sapphire or a remake (of any previous gen). Something I can fully guarantee that is if we don’t see a new release this October or November, next year there will be one.


Project Treasure announcement
Bandai Namco teased this exclusive free to play game a while ago, and it is time to see a trailer or some details about this game.

What is Project Treasure about? Asidefrom  it’s a 4-player action game and its director is Katsuhiro Harada (better known as a director of the Tekken series), we know nothing.

Bandai Namco already have experience with the console, after all they co-developed Super Smash Bros. and worked on Mario Kart 8. (I still don’t understand their lack of support as a third party publisher)


A new trailer of the new The Legend of Zelda
Remember the reason the game was delayed? Well, the developers found new ways to add more content to the game, therefore the reason we are seeing this game later than we wanted.

I think showing some of that new content in a trailer would be epic enough to raise fans’ hype for the game.


The Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader is revealed
It was only shown during the Nintendo Direct, but it stills need to be announced as a hardware accessory. So yeah, release date and price, hoping to not be a retailer exclusive.

For the small picture on the Direct, it is clear it will be a small device that will use batteries and will use the infrared port of the console. Will NFC cards announced too? I doubt it, since it would be better for them if all waves are launched first.


A new Fatal Frame V trailer
Nintendo never used footage from the localized version, but it was announced it would be released this year in North America (Sorry Europe, 2016 for you)

It is one of the big (and mature) Wii U exclusives, so not announcing it with a new trailer (regardless of whether it will be dubbed or not) would be a big mistake.


Another Super Smash Bros. Character
This will be a hard rock for Nintendo 3DS players, but I think Ice Climber’s announcement is a possibility. Why? Because the New Nintendo 3DS should be able to support this duo, and it would work as another (small) reason to buy the upgraded handheld.

A lot would love to see Solid Snake, but Konami support is nonexistent on the Wii U and rather low on the Nintendo 3DS.

Still Nintendo is highly interested in offering new characters, and evidence of that is the Super Smash Bros. Ballot.


Fire Emblem If Details
Something that was shocking for some players was the double release of the upcoming Fire Emblem game, with a third version being released later as DLC. Even if this will be a 2016 release, it would be great if Nintendo announced not just the localization of the title, but also how they will offer the game in the West.

In my opinion, I would love to see both stories in a single $50 physical package.


Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem footage
So far, this highly waited crossover JRPG is a 2015 release only on Japan, so the possibilities to see a North American release this year are really small (mostly considering it is released three months later than Fire Emblem If, and that’s already a 2016 release).

The trailer never shown a lot of footage, so doing it during the event is a great idea. Even if there is no trailer, the Nintendo Treehouse should play it (they played Xenoblade Chronicles X last year after all).


A Nintendo Wii U Free To Play title…
Nintendo already released a bunch of F2P titles for their handheld, so it would be time for doing the same on their home console.

I meant, why there isn’t one yet?

… And Nintendo 3DS F2P titles being localized
There is an awesome F2P game out in Japan that I still don’t get why hasn’t been localized: Collectible Badge Center.

Collectible Badge Center is a game that allows you to win different badges you can use to decorate your Home menu, add icons to yours folders and win free themes. If you though the theme management feature was quite useless here, the reason is because it was really useful on the Japanese continent.


The new Retro Studios game
It was revealed that Retro Studios were working on a new game with a new engine, and it would come for the Wii U.

It is a new Metroid? A home console Luigi’s Mansion? A new IP?
Only time will tell…


Pokkén Tournament Coming To Console
Unlike the Mario Kart games made for arcade machines, this Pokémon fighting game was teased as a possible Wii U release in the future.

And since the console is hungry for new games, this Pokémon fighting game will be a good dish to be served… mostly if the arcade game is not released overseas.

I mean, where else you can fight Lucario vs. Pikachu? Oh…


More localizations
Fatal Frame V was finally announced to be localized, and I hope Nintendo is still interested to bring more projects from Japan.

The company also helped publishing projects, for example Fantasy Life (and many other titles) from LEVEL-5 and Bravely Default from Square-Enix are two examples of that.


I won’t say any games I would like to see localized, since I don’t want to bring myself false hopes, but yeah, more Japanese-only games please.
And that’s all folks, if you think I missed something or want to comment about the reply, I will happily wait for your replies and chat a little. So, what are you expecting for this E3 2015?

Eric Weichhart
When it comes to gaming, I don't choose a side nor the budget, but how much fun I will get from playing.