What famous property do you think needs a video game adaptation?

famous property as video game adaptation: Superman or Sailor Moon

Stranger Things gets a video game. Avengers gets a video game. Star Wars has gotten… like 6,000 video games. The bottom line is there are lots of awesome famous properties out there that could stand to receive the video game treatment. Or in the case of some properties, they are still waiting to get a good video game adaptation. So if I could magically turn any property into a great video game, I think I would choose… Superman. Or Sailor Moon. Aww heck, I pick both!

So, yes, Superman is a character who has had video game adaptations in the past. The most (in)famous of them is Superman: The New Superman Adventures, usually talked about as “Superman 64.” It’s regarded as one of the worst games of all time, which is doubly painful when you consider Superman has the potential for one of the most fun video games ever.

Can you imagine how amazing a great Superman game would be?! Fly around Metropolis and other locales at crazy speeds, or maybe just fly into outer space if you get bored. One punch can demolish a building. Use your heat vision to heat a lake into a hot spring. Basically, just play god! You could battle cosmic-level threats like Darkseid and Doomsday in gigantic, insane battles where asteroids get chucked like baseballs and forests explode into splinters from the impact of blows.

A rumor floated around for quite a while that Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady Studios was working on a Superman project, but it turned out to be bunk. Alas.

As for Sailor Moon: The series has received several game adaptations, but most of them stayed in Japan. I’d love a great Ninja Turtles-esque 3D beat ’em up where you play as the Sailor Scouts and get to experience some of the wonderful melodrama the series is known for. Alternatively, a new, modern Sailor Moon JRPG would be terrific too. I’m not picky!

Your turn! What famous property do you think needs a video game adaptation? Tell us in the comments below! (Yes, you!)

John Friscia
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