What do you hope to see during the Pokémon Direct?

Pokémon Direct

It’s a new year, and Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting the first Nintendo Direct of the year. Nintendo hasn’t announced one yet, but The Pokémon Company is preparing for its own event on Thursday, January 9. We’ll be covering it all live, but until then, it’s time to speculate! What do you expect to see during the Pokémon Direct, and what are you hoping for?

There are many potential Pokémon Direct announcements that would get me excited. I fully expect that we’ll get a rundown on Pokémon Home, but I hope we get a lot more. I’d love to see a free update for Pokémon Sword and Shield, adding new content. But if we’re talking best-case scenario here, bring on the Gen IV remakes! There’s nothing that could get me more pumped than a return to Sinnoh with Diamond and Pearl remakes. I also wouldn’t mind a continuation of the Let’s Go series, if Game Freak decides to re-use that formula.

Thursday’s Pokémon Direct is scheduled to last for around 20 minutes, which should make it the longest one yet. That’s plenty of time for exciting reveals, so let’s hope Game Freak really brings their A-game! Let us know what you expect or hope to see revealed in the comments below!

Ben Lamoreux
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