West of Loathing gets new Reckonin’ at Gun Manor DLC

West of Loathing reckonin at gun manor DLC

There are plenty of charming little indie games available on the Nintendo Switch, but West of Loathing is one of the earliest ones to arrive on the Nintendo hybrid handheld. Combining light RPG gameplay with crude stick-man art and hilarious writing, the game made a strong impression when it first released on the Nintendo Switch back in 2018. Now, fans of the game have a solid reason to dive back in, thanks to the release of the brand new Reckonin’ at Gun Manor DLC.

This DLC isn’t actually entirely brand new. The content pack launched back on Feb. 8 of 2019 for the PC version of the game. The wait for Nintendo Switch fans to get their hands on this West of Loathing content is sure to have been worth it, though, thanks to how much stuff is in it. Hours of new content await, with a brand new mysterious story about the strange Gun Manor, as well. There are plenty of new, tough puzzles to work your way through and plenty of that classic West of Loathing humor. There’s also a variety of new items to use, as well as new monsters and enemies to use said items on.

Reckonin’ at Gun Manor is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $4.99.


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