Buy a wedding ring, get a free Switch at Helzberg

Helzberg jewelry wedding ring Nintendo Switch

Helzberg Diamonds is currently offering a promotion where, if you spend $1,199 on jewelry (not just a wedding ring) on the website through Dec. 24, you get a free Nintendo Switch! You just have to pop in the promo code, “NINTENDO,” at the checkout, and then you can celebrate your gorgeous new accessory with a healthy round of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This is not the first time Helzberg has done this, as they apparently offered an Xbox One X to people who spent $1,000 last year. That sounds like a much better deal to me, but alas, it’s better than nothing.

On one hand, this promotion is a nice bonus for people who would be buying jewelry anyway, and a free Switch is a cool incentive for people to buy jewelry from Helzberg and not a competitor. But on the other hand, I want to imagine a much more absurd scenario. I want to imagine that, somewhere out there, Cody is on the fence about proposing to Becky, and he’s desperately seeking a sign from the universe about what to do.

SUDDENLY, like the morning sun emerging over the mountains, the Helzberg promotion flashes across Cody’s computer screen. Tears course down his cheeks as he hugs the monitor and whispers his thanks. For now, Cody knows that Becky is his destiny, and he was a fool to have ever wavered.

*cough* So anyway, yeah, buy a lot of jewelry and you can grab a free Nintendo Switch. What are your thoughts? Are you a Cody? Are you a Becky? (Gosh, I hope not. You probably deserve better than Cody.) Maybe this is typical marketing that is pandering to the current hot-ticket item. Or maybe, just maybe, the Switch has become the official symbol of love and elegance in these modern times of ours.

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