WB Games Montreal is teasing a new Batman, possibly Court of Owls

WB Games Montreal Batman: Court of Owls Scott Snyder game tease

This weekend, WB Games Montreal tweeted out in honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, showing video of the Bat-Signal against a building. However, peculiar symbols flashed briefly on screen in the video as well, symbols that have since been put on full display in a follow-up video (below). With the video’s caption of “Capture the Knight,” and in combination with the fact that Sony’s State of Play event is tomorrow, it seems WB Games Montreal is about to announce a new Batman game. And there’s reason to believe, thanks to comics writer Scott Snyder, it will incorporate The Court of Owls storyline.

The Court of Owls connection

In a since deleted tweet, Court of Owls writer Scott Snyder retweeted WB Games Montreal’s original celebration tweet with a hashtag of “#bewaretheowls.” Either Snyder was trolling his own fans hard — or he wasn’t. After all, this is the developer who previously made Batman: Arkham Origins.

The Court of Owls was a classic 2011 storyline that saw Batman second-guessing everything he thought he knew about his home of Gotham City. In this story, Batman gradually comes to realize that an insidious and wealthy cabal — the Court of Owls — has been influencing the growth and development of Gotham for centuries. It could make for a pretty great video game if handled correctly.

A new WB Games Montreal Batman could come to Switch

YouTuber Doctre81 has uncovered evidence in the past year suggesting WB Games Montreal is working on a AAA game for Switch. If this turns out to be true, one would naturally assume this alleged new Batman project is that Switch game. This is far from a done deal though, as almost everything about this story is ultimately based in speculation at the moment.

The only thing that is absolutely certain right now is that WB Games Montreal is working on a new DC Comics video game for consoles. But tomorrow we’ll probably find out a lot more.


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