Rumor: Unannounced Batman is a ‘reboot,’ still features Court of Owls

WB Games Montreal Batman: Arkham Legacy Court of Owls Arkham reboot new name

Video game development news leaker Sabi, the source of recent major rumors surrounding a new 2D Metroid and traditional Paper Mario, now has something new to say about Batman. WB Games Montreal has been working on a new, unannounced DC Comics video game for quite a while, and teases from their Twitter in recent months all but guarantee it’s a new Batman game. Rumors from Sabi and others in the past have indicated it’s a new Batman: Arkham, titled “Batman: Arkham Legacy.” However, Sabi now claims that is no longer the title. But the game is a reboot of some kind, and (as previous details suggested) the Court of Owls is a major element of the narrative.

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo created the Court of Owls for a story arc back in 2011. (Sidebar: Oh my god that was nine years ago already how did that happen) They’re essentially a wicked cabal of rich people running Gotham City from the shadows under Batman’s nose without him ever realizing it. But when the two forces do finally meet, Batman is pushed to his physical and psychological limits to overcome an enemy so deeply embedded in a city that he thought belonged to him.

A Batman: Arkham video game that makes proper use of the Court of Owls and its assassins, Talons, could be a great time. So now all we need is for WB Games Montreal to stop being so dang cryptic and just announce a video game, whatever it turns out to be.


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