WB Games had planned show to reveal new Batman, Harry Potter at E3

E3 press conference show WB Games Montreal Batman Harry Potter Rocksteady Studios DC Comics game

As we reported earlier in the day, E3 2020 in Los Angeles is canceled, and event organizer ESA is looking into coordinating a digital viewing event instead. With this announcement, however, more details are casually spilling out. Among them, Kotaku is reporting according to its sources that Warner Bros. had planned to present an E3 conference of its own for the first time this year. At that event, there were plans to reveal a new Batman game (presumably the WB Games Montreal title), a new Harry Potter game (probably the one leaked in 2018), and whatever the heck Rocksteady Studios has been working on in extreme secrecy for years.

Now, WB Games will apparently be presenting no such showcase. However, there is no reason that the publisher can’t just go the route of Nintendo (and, this year, Xbox and Ubisoft) by planning a digital showcase of its own for June. Batman and Harry Potter aren’t going to hide in a closet all year just because the physical E3 event has been canceled. They could all become a part of the digital event the ESA is hoping to arrange, at least.

How many of these WB Games titles will land on Nintendo Switch is another matter entirely, though past evidence has at least supported that the Batman title could make its way to Switch.


John Friscia
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