WayForward interested in animated Shantae series and new game genres


WayForward has plenty of iconic games and memorable series under its belt, but none are quite as illustrious and long-running as the unforgettable Shantae series. What started as a modest platformer on the Game Boy Color in 2002 has evolved over the years into a gorgeous, hand-drawn and vibrant platforming adventure series. The latest game in the franchise, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, recently launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It features a stunning opening animation from legendary Japanese anime company Studio TRIGGER, but if series creator Matt Bozon and his wife Erin have their say, this might not be the last we see of Shantae in an animated form.

In a recent interview with Comicbook, Bozon had this to say:

“I’m taking a breather by helping out with a few other projects where I can while we prepare for the next big thing. Erin really wants to keep exploring Shantae as an animated series, and I’m all for that, too. After that Studio TRIGGER intro it feels like it’s closer than ever. Why doesn’t the cartoon keep playing? Why does it end?”

Later in the interview, Bozon also shared that WayForward is open to making Shantae games in genres besides the usual adventure-platformer, citing ideas for games “involving music, puzzles, racing, or spin off characters.”


Miguel Moran
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