Watch Yacht Club Games Presents live right here!

yacht club games presents

Yacht Club Games made a major splash in the indie space when they launched Shovel Knight in 2014. The retro-style platformer was a smash hit, selling millions and spawning DLC and spin-offs. Yacht Club has grown in the years since then, even publishing titles from other developers. In fact, they’ve got enough going on that they now hold regular Yacht Club Games Presents livestreams to show off new reveals.

Watch Yacht Club Games Presents live

The latest Yacht Club Games Presents is taking place today, and you can watch it live right here! The show will last for around an hour, and Yacht Club is teasing massive announcements. It’s airing exclusively on G4 following “a very special Xplay episode.” Yacht Club’s segment kicks off at 3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern, while Xplay airs in the preceding hour slot. You can watch it live by clicking right here.

What to expect

We’ll likely see a variety of news involving Shovel Knight and other properties. We know that Yacht Club has been hiring for a 3D project since 2019. One of those hires includes animator Kim Newman, who previously served as the Lead Animator on the web series RWBY. We’ll also likely see an update on Shovel Knight Dig, which was announced in 2019 and is scheduled to release this year. This Yacht Club Games Presents show is also a good chance for them to announce more publishing partnerships with indie developers. Whatever the news, we’ll be streaming it live here and reporting on it as it breaks!


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