Playing with our emotions: Nintendo tells fans to watch The Game Awards 2018 tomorrow

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The Game Awards 2018 is almost upon us (it’s tomorrow, in fact). Deciding to hype people up for the show, Nintendo asked gamers to tune into the program at 5:30 pm PT over on Twitter. Will there be announcements for Switch and 3DS? It’s going to be one to watch, for sure.

What surprises are in store?

Here is the tweet that has everyone in a tither:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s launch is mentioned above. Perhaps another DLC fighter will be unveiled? That would be awesome for me personally, seeing as how I’m going to be on a line for the game while the award show is broadcasting.

All in all, there are going to be over 10 new game announcements at The Game Awards 2018. There have to be some Nintendo-owned properties among those. If I were a betting man, I’d say Metroid Prime 4 is a likely reveal. Maybe Nintendo will lead up to it by announcing a port of the Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy?!

Gentlefolk, what Nintendo-based news are you expecting at The Game Awards 2018? Let us know your predictions down in the comment field below.

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