Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reportedly not for sale anymore

AT&T will not sell Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros. video games division for Batman: Arkham, Gotham Knights, Mortal Kombat, Suicide, Squad, etc. to EA Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Activision Blizzard

Bloomberg is reporting that AT&T is no longer looking to sell off Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the video game division of Time Warner. The outlet’s sources state the division was deemed “too valuable” to let go in AT&T’s continuing efforts to cut down on its debt.

This is a surprising resolution to a story that began in June, when CNBC first reported that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was up for sale. AT&T was looking to sell it for in the area of $4 billion, and Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts (EA), and Activision Blizzard were said to be interested. The motivation to sell had to do with AT&T’s aforementioned debt, $109 billion of which came from finalizing purchase of Time Warner in 2018.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has created or is creating video games across many lucrative franchises, including Harry Potter, Batman (including Batman: Arkham and Gotham Knights), Suicide Squad, Injustice, Mortal Kombat, and Scribblenauts. It makes sense that a company would want to play the long game and hold on to so many promising game franchises in lieu of a quick $4 billion payday. Although, the desire to streamline a business makes sense, especially in the era of COVID.

In any case, if you were worried that EA would soon hold the keys to Gotham Knights or Mortal Kombat, you can apparently put those worries to bed for now.


John Friscia
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