WarioWare Gold will let you record custom voiceovers for its animated cut scenes

WarioWare Gold

Not so sure you want to hear Wario talk so much in the upcoming WarioWare Gold for Nintendo 3DS? No problem! Thanks to an interesting new feature in the game detailed in the manual, you can simply dub over Wario’s lines with your own voice.

Twitter user @PaulNerdFish pointed this awesome little tidbit out after downloading the game’s demo, which is currently available only for gamers in Europe.

“Think your voice is better than mine?!” taunts the manual page, clearly a question Wario’s posing to readers. The excerpt guides players to select the “Studio” option in the Toy Room area to record their own voice lines. “You gotta save your versions to the SD card, so make sure you got plenty of free space!” Wario’s a good guy, after all, making sure players are prepared so they can save their own recordings.

That feature alone makes WarioWare Gold feel like an absolute must-buy, as this is the first time anything like it has been included in the games, even WarioWare D.I.Y., which let you craft your own microgames. It’s understandable that players should be given the chance to customize the cutscenes, however, because Wario looks to be something of a Chatty Cathy in this iteration. Charles Martinet reprises his role as the fan-favorite ne’er-do-well, and he’s got plenty of speaking parts. It’s good news if you’re a fan, and maybe not so great if you prefer him to be relegated to cackles and grunts and the like.

At first, the change can be a little off-putting, as evidenced by the game’s latest trailer. Should Wario really be speaking in full sentences? Where are all the “Wahs” and other guttural noises? Is this real life? But it’s actually a very cool change that opens the doorway to a very intriguing new feature that fans will no doubt have a blast testing out.

WarioWare Gold is a sort of “greatest hits” collection that combines over 300 microgames from previous entries in the series, including a few new ones thrown in for good measure. You’ll see games from WarioWare Inc., WarioWare Twisted!, and even WarioWare Touched! thrown in, which sounds like a veritable buffet for longtime fans of the series.

You just might be waiting a little while to try the game out, as well as this very cool voiceover recording feature, if you live in the west. Unfortunately, there’s been no announcement of a demo coming for anyone outside Europe, but given that the game debuts at the beginning of next month on August 3, hopefully that’ll change soon. To that end, Europe will get the game first on July 27.

Now, who wants to take bets on when the first totally inappropriate dubbed Wario cutscenes will make their way onto YouTube?

Brittany Vincent
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