Wario vs. Waluigi tour arrives in Mario Kart Tour on January 25

Wario vs Waluigi Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo and developer DeNA have announced a new tour event for the mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, featuring the iconic mischievous duo of Wario and Waluigi. However, instead of working together to cause mischief, Wario and Waluigi will be going head to head in the Wario vs. Waluigi Tour. Two new trailers have been released to showcase the tour of Mario Kart TourĀ Wario versus Waluigi, each one highlighting the members of each team. Wario will be joined by characters such as Mario, King Boo, Rosalina, Diddy Kong, and more. Then on Waluigi’s side, you have the likes of Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Shy Guy, and more.

This event is scheduled to go live on January 25, 2022, with players being rewarded with team tokens after securing a victory. The team with the most team tokens at the end of the event will be crowned the winner, so it’s up to you to take either Wario or Waluigi to the top. However, regardless of the outcome, players will be able to obtain a limited badge, coins, and rubies for use in the game. Since its launch, Mario Kart TourĀ has received a variety of updates and limited-time events, and this is just one of many more to come to the game.

The Wario vs. Waluigi event arrives in Mario Kart Tour on January 25. Do you play Mario Kart Tour, and if so, which team are you rooting for?


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