Wargroove will expand the army with new Thief and Rifleman DLC units

Wargroove rifleman DLC

The Wargroove update train just keeps chugging along. Just last week, news dropped that a new Commander is coming to Wargroove as part of an upcoming DLC update. Now, more info about what to expect from the free expansion has been revealed by Chucklefish Games via the official Wargroove dev blog.

If you’d rather have some new options for ground units to mix into your existing army strategems, Wargroove has you covered with the introduction of two new units. These units, the Thief and the Rifleman, are part of the upcoming free DLC for Wargroove that has yet to be named or dated.

The Thief is, obviously, a unit built around sneaking and subterfuge. While they have terrible strength and attack abilities, they have unique raiding and ransacking abilities. If a Thief enters an enemy building, they can steal 300 gold. If they pull the same stunt on an enemy Stronghold and survive, they’ll walk away with a whopping 1000 gold. Thieves are weak as paper, though, so you’ll need to guard them with reinforcements and proper protection in order to ensure their heists go smoothly.

The Rifleman, meanwhile, is a new Wargroove unit built around long-ranged superiority. That superiority comes at a cost, though. They have limited ammo in their guns, and once it runs out, they’ll need to stop and reload no matter where they are. Thankfully, when a Rifleman is on their last shot, they score bonus critical hits on their enemies. The key to countering a Rifleman is to stay between the trees, where their bullets can’t reach you.

Wargroove is out now on the Nintendo eShop, although a release date for the upcoming free DLC is currently unknown.


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