Wargroove to get full cross-play support with PlayStation 4 tomorrow

Wargroove Double Trouble

Wargroove launched in February 2019 on Nintendo Switch and brought with it a load of single-player and multiplayer options reviving the Advance Wars formula. We loved it on launch, and a year later, free DLC dropped for the Switch version. The Double Trouble DLC introduced a load more multiplayer content to the game, including a full co-op campaign, a new competitive mode in online quick play, and both public and private multiplayer lobbies. Tomorrow, Aug. 4, that DLC pack is finally launching on PlayStation 4 and brings full cross-play support to the game.

It’s been a familiar story this generation that Sony‘s system has lagged behind in cross-play capabilities. Wargroove has had limited cross-play since launch, with all systems outside of PlayStation 4 sharing one matchmaking pool. A year after its PS4 release though, Wargroove is now playable across Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. That means that if you wish to play with those PS4 buddies, you’ll be able to.

Developer Chucklefish reiterated that full cross-play support extends beyond matchmaking: “no matter what platform Wargroove players choose to battle on, they can enjoy competitive and cooperative¬† multiplayer games, as well as share community-made maps online with friends.”

Full cross-play for Wargroove will be available tomorrow, when the Double Trouble DLC launches on PS4. A small patch will update the Switch version to enable cross-play.

[Source: PR]

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