Wargroove reveals upcoming free DLC commander Wulfar

Wargroove - Wulfar

When Wargroove first launched back in February of this year, developer Chucklefish Games promised there would not only be continuous minor updates to the game, but free DLC expansions to help grow the roster of characters and campaigns available. Now we know the identity of one of our upcoming DLC commanders, in the form of hairy hammer daddy Wulfar.

Hailing from the clan of Aurania, Wulfaris is the Chief of one of their most important, longest-lasting Outlaw clans. He isn’t just chief because of his big green beard, though; he’s known for his incredible strength, and for using said strength to wield an insanely huge stone hammer like it was nothing.

His groove ability involves him utilizing his giant hammer as more of a muscle-fueled man-cannon, sending his target flying across the map and dealing damage not just to said target, but to anyone the target lands near. Wulfar can also send ground units into the ocean to instantly defeat them, or even fling allies around with his hammer to reposition them during battle. You can see what this move looks like in action here.

If you’re going to be at EGX 2019, you’ll get a first-hand look at Wulfar in the game, plus potentially more new Wargroove content.

For now, Wargroove is currently available on the Nintendo eShop. It will also receive its own deluxe physical edition this Fall.


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