Wargroove gets new gameplay trailer and website

Wargroove gameplay trailer website survey faction quiz

I think several of us at Nintendo Enthusiast are hyped for Wargroove, the war strategy game by Chucklefish that basically just paints a fantasy setting over top of Advance Wars gameplay. An update at the Chucklefish development blog reveals a new gameplay trailer for the game, viewable below, and a new, pretty website.

The trailer reiterates that the pixel animation is really, really good in this game. More specifically, Chucklefish notes that the trailer shows off “updated footage of battle scenes, groove animations, animated cut-scenes, naval combat, the overworld map, as well as some map editor scenes!”

The new Wargroove website offers an attractive breakdown of the game’s mechanics, and it also has a nice, time-killing “faction quiz” that tells you which faction in the game that you would be part of. (I’m Heavensong, apparently.) Check it out if you have a minute.

The release date for Wargroove keeps shifting, but it is currently scheduled to drop in Q1 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The sooner this game hits, the better, because I’m excited to dig into its creation tools and create a campaign! What about you? Are you jonesing for a new, Advance Wars-like experience as much as us?


John Friscia
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