Wargroove: Double Trouble launches for free on February 6

Wargroove Double Trouble

Wargroove fans looking for another excuse to dive into the delightfully deep Advance Wars-inspired strategy game are in luck. After plenty of teases, trailers, and info dumps, Chucklefish has finally confirmed that the massive new Double Trouble DLC update for Wargroove will arrive on Feb. 6.

Wargroove: Double Trouble adds a chunk of new content to practically every aspect of the game. To start, it introduces three new playable commanders, offering new styles of play for seasoned strategy experts. Wulfar wields a mighty hammer that can launch units across the map. Twins Errol and Orla can call forth either healing waters or destructive flames. And the cruel commander Vesper can summon a fog of magical smoke that makes her army immune to attacks.

You’ll experience their story in a brand new, full-length campaign, which you can also play in either couch or online co-op. The Double Trouble campaign features a slew of new music composed by Phonetic Hero, as well as new Volcano-themed maps and even two new unit types – riflemen and thieves. Creative Wargroove players can use these units, songs, and tilesets to make their own maps and campaigns, alongside a bunch of other new additions to the Editor tools.

Double Trouble also includes new arcade missions, a new Competitive mode in online Quick play, and both public and private Multiplayer lobbies. Best of all, all of this content will come to the game for free.

Wargroove: Double Trouble launches for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC on Feb. 6. The PlayStation 4 version will arrive at a later date.


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