Wargroove: Double Trouble free DLC adds co-op campaign and more

Wargroove Double Trouble

Wargroove developer Chucklefish has been teasing a big new DLC expansion for a while now. Previously they revealed a new Commander coming to the game, as well as two new unit types to be introduced. Those announcements made reference to a free DLC update coming to the game, but it’s only now that we know the full details of that downloadable expansion.

Coming soon for free on all consoles, Wargroove: Double Trouble is a new DLC expansion that adds a bevy of new features and content to the Advanced Wars-inspired strategy game. We already knew about one of the new Commanders coming to the game, Wulfar. There are two other Commanders on their way, though: a pair of troublemaker twins, Errol and Orla, as well as the devilish whip-cracker Vesper.

You’ll take control of these characters in a brand new story campaign, where the pack of rogues sets out to perform a heist after one of their own is kidnapped and held captive with a massive ransom. The most interesting part of this campaign is that it will be completely playable in co-op. Either locally or online, you and a friend can navigate the entire story together.

Other multiplayer updates coming to Wargroove include new Arcade missions and competitive online Quick Play maps, with some of these maps being popular community maps. You can also set up public or private multiplayer lobbies, on top of now being able to play custom campaigns online.

Wargroove Puzzle

If you’ve got a passion for creating custom levels and campaigns in Wargroove, this update adds plenty of new editor tools that are sure to impress. The biggest is a new Volcano map theme and biome. Beyond that, though, there are things like unit modifiers that let you set custom health and attack stats for any unit or structure on the map, as well as metalocation functions that allow you to track where various events like a movement or death last occurred. There are even interactable on/off Gizmos and number counters that can let you set up timed events or tricky puzzles in your campaign.

There’s no set release date for Wargroove: Double Trouble, but it’s in the final testing phase, so fans can expect to download it soon on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Wargroove Dev Blog

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