Wargroove lets you build your own story campaigns

Wargroove campaign editor

Wargroove is an upcoming strategy game from Chucklefish that looks identical to Advance Wars, but with a fantasy twist. It was known that this game would allow players to make their own levels with a map editor. However, a new blog post from the developer details how it will also feature a cutscene editor.

The cutscene editor will be robust enough to allow for quick, simple dialogues and also climactic moments with specific cinematic timing. When combined with the map editor, this basically means it will be possible to build your own full-blown story campaigns with in-game tools. Chucklefish’s blog post title pretty much sums it up: “All of Your FanFic is Canon Now.”

You can check out a couple examples below.

Wargroove Cutscene Editor

Wargroove Cutscene Editor

Wargroove is tentatively scheduled for a late 2018 release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can view last year’s original announcement trailer below.


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