Warframe available on Nintendo Switch eShop right now

The weird yet incredibly fun MMORPG Warframe has just dropped into the Nintendo Switch eShop. The space-flipping ninja-like game created by Digital Extremes has had a long and varied history. Finally, five years after its initial launch, it’s come to the Nintendo Switch.

Now, unfortunately, the Fortuna update isn’t quite ready for the platform, as it only released a little less than two weeks ago on PC. But DE has assured players that it is well on the way and should be hitting the portable console in the near future.

Warframe for Switch has motion control support

Warframe eShop Nintendo Switch Digital Extremes

One of the biggest hurdles I’d have to imagine would be the controls. To optimally parkour while shooting in the game, you’re constantly switching between a myriad of buttons. On PC this is doable, yet a bit awkward.

Optimizing controls is one thing, but what about Nintendo’s own innovations? Luckily, the dev team has gone the extra mile and integrated the Joy-Con motion control functionality.

No Nintendo Switch Online App mishaps

Along with the motion controls, the game has built-in voice chat. It doesn’t have you running circles by using the Nintendo Switch Online App. Also, players who would like to transfer their account from PC will have a limited window starting now.

The time frame is TBD but one can assume you’ve got a while to decide if you’d like to make the switch to, well, Switch. This update contradicts what we thought from their own support page. Reminder: this is a migration and not just a simple login.

Make some room for it

Warframe eShop Nintendo Switch Digital Extremes
One of the hulking open world creatures, the Eidolon

Warframe is quite large as it includes all 23 major updates thus far. The game comes in at about 12GB, so double check that you’ve got a relatively large SD card. Also, as it is an MMO, there is no offline single-player – you must have an internet connection before hopping onto your frame.

The Switch version comes with some goodies

Warframe eShop Nintendo Switch Digital Extremes
Credits, the in-game currency

Finally, DE has included some treats to introduce new players to the honestly complex game, and help them at the beginning of their journey. Once you install the Comms Segment in the tutorial quest, you’ll receive:

  • A 3-Day Affinity Booster
  • An Orokin Catalyst
  • An Orokin Reactor
  • One Forma
  • And 50K Credits

But this will only be available until December 4, so hop to it.

All-in-all, this is by far an easy download for anyone familiar with the game. It’s completely free-to-play and is well worth a look. Check out Warframe on the Nintendo eShop ASAP.


Jacob Buchalter
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