Wanderlust Travel Stories to bring minimalist storytelling to the Switch

One of the greatest things that come from traveling is the stories you can tell others for the rest of your life. With this in mind, Wanderlust Travel Stories takes nine stories from different personal experiences with travel to create a calmingly minimalist collection of writing.

Having originally released on PC and mobile devices last year, the game aims to make its console debut on the Nintendo Switch sometime in February. Each story has “choose your own adventure” aspects and will allow you to personally shape tales that take place from Bangladesh to the Antarctic.

The development studio, Different Tales, has a AAA pedigree with talent that worked on The WitcherDying Light, and Hitman. The creators of Wanderlust Travel Stories also stated that the game will strongly depict a variety of emotions.

Your choices shape the characters’ mood. This, in turn, changes how you see the world. All emotions are valid: happiness or enthusiasm aren’t everything, feeling sad or fatigued is perfectly natural.

You can watch the trailer for Wanderlust Travel Stories down below and find more details on the game’s Steam page.

Does Wanderlust Travel Stories seem like something you would want to experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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