Waluigi Mario Kart Wii mod lets him smoke the other racers on foot

Waluigi mod Mario Kart Wii foot race

Close your eyes. Imagine a video game character blitzing up and down the streets, breaking sound barriers, becoming a supersonic cosmic force that just might tear apart the fabric of reality itself. Who are you imagining? What, Sonic the Hedgehog? God no! You should be thinking of Waluigi, thanks to this bonkers Mario Kart Wii Waluigi mod. Modder Niment has created the ability to engage in races as Waluigi on foot.

The Waluigi model and animations were artfully imported from Mario Party 9, so the model itself matches Mario Kart Wii well aside from looking absolutely ludicrous. And his animations vaguely match the context, like when he gets a boost of speed or is launching off of ramps. It’s pure, enjoyable goofiness.

And if having a foot race with one character isn’t enough for you, Niment has produced mods for Wario and Luigi as well, with models again borrowed from Mario Party 9.

Elsewhere in the universe, Mario Kart Tour has its Halloween event going on, which also features Waluigi prominently. So while this beloved weirdo of a character continues to be ignored for a primetime slot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s nice to know there are some corners of Nintendo’s world where the character is fully embraced.


John Friscia
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