Waluigi cereal parody from Hard Drive has us hungry for the real thing

Waluigi cereal parody from Hard Drive has us hungry for the real thing

There is quite a cult following for Waluigi out there. You know who you are! It might be the bulbous nose, upside down L cap, having a penchant for memes, or all of the above. Whatever the reason may be, the Internet is in bed with the man who wahs.

So like any beloved character, Waluigi clearly deserves his own breakfast cereal. Nintendo has yet to jump on this marketing gold mine, but our friends over at the parody site Hard Drive has given their take. And yeah, it’s glorious.

Step aside, Lucky Charms! While you may have horseshoes and rainbows, Waluigi has family-friendly shapes like butts and star butts. The addition of tasteful and distasteful nudes is not only brilliant but also impressive to make work in marshmallow form. And making the box an amiibo that only works with dating sims? Now you’re tugging at our heartstrings!

Waluigi has gotten little love from Nintendo outside of party games in the Mario franchise. Even petitions to have him added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seemed to fall on deaf ears. However, a recent poll did reveal the purple-clad antagonist has stolen the hearts of fans online.

Will we get a Waluigi cereal, or even dating sim for that matter? Likely not. But one can dream!

David Giltinan
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