Waluigi and Waluigi Pinball track coming to Mario Kart Tour Halloween tour

Waluigi Pinball Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour

Mario Kart Tour begins its Halloween tour soon, and a last-minute announcement of another new character is coming with it. Waluigi, as well as the Waluigi Pinball course, will be arriving with the new update. The Halloween tour is also adding Luigi, King Boo, and the Luigi’s Mansion course. The tour runs from Oct. 23 to Nov. 5 and starts at 2 a.m. EST.

This time, Waluigi is packing an “offense-oriented special skill.” Wario and Mario made the initial cut, but it’s pretty strange that their counterparts had to wait this long to make it in. Still, after hopes for Waluigi in Smash were snuffed, I’m sure a certain contingent of fans were starting to get worried. With rare exception, Waluigi has been a Mario Kart regular since Mario Kart: Double Dash!! in 2003.

Most likely you’re going to either have to put in some hard work for that Waluigi or pay a hefty sum. The rarity rates for Mario Kart Tour are a little imposing for some characters, and there are some questionable purchase options for the workarounds.

While many of us really wanted to like Mario Kart Tour, it definitely has flaws. If you really don’t mind all of that, then it looks like the Halloween tour is a great new addition to the game.


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