Walmart Cancels SNES Classic Pre-Orders

Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in America, randomly put up pre-orders for the highly sought after and talked about SNES Classic a few days ago, and many lucky people were able to pre-order theirs. News that some orders were being cancelled started to trickle in, but it made sense as their server did go down for a period of time with people rushing to get the latest Classic console from Nintendo. Eventually, all the units were sold out, and the listing showed that.

Today however, it appears that everyone who pre-ordered the unit from Walmart had theirs cancelled. Walmart attributed it to a “glitch” in their system and that the device was not supposed to go up for pre-order, even though it remained on their website until pre-orders were sold out. Understandably, many are upset with this, myself included, as I (Shawn) did pre-order mine through Walmart and received an email today about it.



Shawn Long
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