VR is coming to the Switch, just not from Nintendo

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Virtual Reality might have its place on the Nintendo Switch, after all. So, just in case you were jonesin’ to see Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom, or even the quirky self-contained Captain Toad puzzles with three-dimensional depth, you’re now in luck.

However, this move isn’t one officially sanctioned by Nintendo. The illustrious games company has recently stated that it is currently uninterested in the format despite hackers finding VR tools built into the console’s operating system. Reggie Fils-Aimé, President and COO of Nintendo of America, has commented on multiple occasions last year that Virtual Reality currently was not a focus for the company. The General Manager of Nintendo of France, Philippe Lavoué, echoed that sentiment earlier this year. Therefore, the headset “is not designed, licensed, authorized, endorsed, manufactured or distributed by the Nintendo Corporation” according to the product’s website.

Instead, a Canadian company, exklim, has answered the call from a contingent of Switch owners in favor of VR on Nintendo’s popular console and handheld hybrid. By nature, its mobility always lent credibility to the argument that the console was ripe for the VR treatment. The headset – listed by the company as the ‘NS Glasses’ – is designed exactly as one would imagine. The console fits snuggly inside the end of the headset. According to a report from Nintendo Life, a locking mechanism will keep the console in place and allow for proper ventilation to prevent the system from overheating. As you might be able to deduce from the images, there are adjustable straps and a face pad to make the experience a bit more comfortable.

How does it work?

The Nintendo Switch is not optimized for VR. Therefore, the NS Glasses create the 3D effect by amplifying depth based on specific shading in the colors of the display. According to Nintendo Life, it also “smooths the pixel count” to increase the resolution in appearance. Therefore, the console works with all Nintendo Switch titles as it adapts to the display instead of any games being specifically optimized for VR.

Currently, you can sign up for further information with your email address. According to the product’s website, pre-orders will be available soon. Additionally, if you enter your email to stay apprised of important incoming NS Glasses info, you will also be able to snag a headset for 50% off, which is $50 according to the site. Sure, I’ll state the obvious. This means it will launch for $100 once the product becomes available to the public. For the price, obtaining VR capability for $50 is a pretty sweet deal for those who might be clamoring for the feature. However, the performance of the device is still left to be seen. We’ll just have to wait until reviews begin to emerge.

Was virtual reality something you hoped the Nintendo Switch would embrace? I have previously offered my opinion regarding the technology on the Switch and why it might be best if Nintendo steers clear of it, mostly from a business perspective. But, I also know that the opinion of many differs from mine. Are you one who would be interested in picking up the NS Glasses? If so, what games would you be most excited to see realized in Virtual Reality? I am eager to hear, so please let me know in the comments below!

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