A legend before your eyes: Voxel renditions of Zelda locales are jaw-dropping


The Legend of Zelda series is no stranger to iconic environments. From Hyrule Castle to Death Mountain, each game contains locations that stir feelings of remembrance in gamers’ hearts. Knowing this, NeoMam Studios created three-dimensional representations of video game architecture for digital marketplace HomeAdvisor. Referred to as A Tribute to Video Game Architecture, these commissioned voxel pieces are part of HomeAdvisor’s attempt to draw nostalgic gamers to their website.

Voxel art is undeniably gorgeous

Speaking with Game Informer, NeoMam Studios outlined the reasoning behind the video game artwork. As Gisele Navarro, operations director at NeoMam, puts it:

The team that worked on this, we all we agree that most of us really like architecture. We also like games, so we were also very excited because of that. And so I think we were just trying to reach new people.

The work NeoMam Studios put into the voxel renditions of Zelda locations is almost unreal. Take a look at some of the pieces below:

The fourth Zelda dungeon!
The scene of the final battle in the best Zelda game ever made!
The tower where all the crazy stuff happens in Zelda: Groundhog’s Day!

As you can see, each work of art varies in terms of scale and detail. However, every single one is stunning and I want to buy all of them.

HomeAdvisor is quite wise to commission such masterpieces for their site. If any of these were to become available for sale, I’d buy them without question. Unless they’re outrageously expensive. Rent and bills to pay, you know?

More voxel renditions of gaming locales, like Figaro Castle from FFVI and the Lighthouse of Rapture from BioShock, can be found over at HomeAdvisor.

Enthusiasts, are you in love with these renditions of famous Zelda regions? Would you buy and subsequently stare at them when you place them in your gaming space? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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