Volta-X is the PVP Faster Than Light I didn’t know I needed

Volta-X Nintendo Switch

Volta-X is one of the more unique games I saw on the Nintendo Switch during my time at PAX West 2019. I was unaware of the game prior to the show and was happily introduced to it by the developers at GungHo. As it turns out, Nintendo Enthusiast editor John Friscia had walked away pleased with the game at E3. As someone who semi-trusts John’s opinions on video games, I was very excited to see what Volta-X had to offer. I had the honor of playing the game with CEO of GungHo Kazuki Morishita, before playing against the Director of Game Development Fumiaki Shiraishi.

A game of giant robots and animals? Say no more

Gameplay screenshot from Volta-X

Volta-X is about giant robots – giant robots that are piloted by teams of adorable animals. In the game, these giant robots do what they do best: fight each other. There’s a story mode teased to have its characters “learn there’s more to the life of robot pilots than competing against each other.” For my session, though, I instead checked out the player versus player aspect of the upcoming title. If the story is as solid as its gameplay mechanics, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Specifying a genre for Volta-X is difficult due to how unique the game is overall. I would personally classify it as a competitive strategy game. When commanding the handful of animals inside the mechs, I had to direct them to various parts of the robot to utilize everything from arm-cannons to heat-rays. It was reminiscent of a real-time strategy game like Faster Than Light as well, as I had to send animals to various parts of the ship that were either on fire or needed repairs. After my first match with Morishita, everything seemed to click, and I was eager to challenge Fumiaki.

Volta-X’s RTS combat is surprisingly deep

Base-building aspects will provide character development and more options for customization

Fumiaki then proceeded to wipe the floor with me. Most importantly though, he also showed me that there was much more depth to the game than I originally thought. You can switch and customize each of the different parts of the robots to your liking. Various strategies in combat seem reliant on how well you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons and abilities. Of course, finding your opponent’s tendencies while mixing up your own habits will lead to winning any individual higher-level match. The perfect ingredients are present for a multiplayer gem on Nintendo’s handheld console.

Fumiaki also showed me the base-building aspect of the game. It’s similar to those seen in Fallout Shelter or XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and he let me know that you’ll be utilizing it to research new parts for robots while also learning more about the characters.

There’s a lot of potential with Volta-X, and I can’t stress enough how I was continuously surprised throughout the demo with what this small team has pulled off. I’m anticipating its projected winter 2019 release window and excited to see what kind of future the game has as a multiplayer experience.

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