Volta-X Metaverse Update adds an offline roguelike mode that is exactly what it needed – Preview

Volta-X Metaverse Update Mode offline roguelike GungHo Online Entertainment America new robots weapons Tiamat

Last year, GungHo Online Entertainment America unleashed Volta-X upon Nintendo Switch and PC, a 1v1 giant robot battler / base simulation that was unlike any other game on Switch. It offers an incredible amount of strategy with its depth of mechanics, as we outlined in our review, and subsequent updates have only enhanced the experience. Now, GungHo is preparing to unleash the largest update to Volta-X yet with the Metaverse Update, providing new weapons, new robots, and the offline roguelike Metaverse Mode on June 15, 2021. I had the chance to preview a PC beta build of the Volta-X Metaverse Update, and while I didn’t get to play quite as much as I had wanted, (E3 is kind of a busy time.) it definitely reminded me of why I love this game’s combat so much.

Metaverse Mode perfectly complements the core of Volta-X

Requiring a persistent online connection creates a barrier for some players, especially for Nintendo Switch players who want to take their gaming out of the house. Volta-X has till now required such a connection, but Metaverse Mode changes all that by being an offline alternative. The combat is the same and takes place with AI opponents, except now battles occur in a roguelike framework.

Volta-X Metaverse Update Mode offline roguelike GungHo Online Entertainment America new robots weapons Tiamat

That means you start by selecting a robot that has a randomly generated crew and gear loadout, and prior to any battling, you can use currency (if you have any) to develop your base or crew, research weapon upgrades, or pay to receive access to a given extra weapon for that particular run. In Volta-X Metaverse Mode, health typically doesn’t regenerate for crew or your robot between battles, and sometimes you will have to fight consecutive battles back to back. Outside of battle, you can spend currency to heal up, but losing one battle means your run is over. Meanwhile, winning time and again lets you ascend through different leagues with different challenges.

Winning battles earns you currency in proportion to how overwhelming your victory is, and the game measures various stats at the end of your run if you’re interested in that. The basic currency is used for stuff to help you on your current run, but there is also a gem currency for unlocking weapon access and pilot upgrades or building out your base that are permanent. It ensures that, over time, you will have a better chance of surviving your runs. As such, Metaverse Mode is pretty addicting, just like the Volta-X base experience was.

Really, the best compliment I can pay this new mode is that I actually despise roguelikes, and I think I’ve only mustered the enthusiasm to play one roguelike in my entire life. So the fact that I had so much fun so fast with Metaverse Mode is a testament to how wildly strong the core combat mechanics continue to be. I really can’t emphasize enough how fun and novel the battles are, and Metaverse Mode now ensures it will continue to be fun decades from now, long after the servers are offline.

Also, plenty of new toys

While I didn’t have the opportunity to try them all myself, the Volta-X Metaverse Update is bringing a lot of significant new weapons, robots, and costumes into the game too, and it’s not like the game was lacking for variety in the first place. Here’s a fast rundown of the cool new stuff:

  • New Voltas Irontail and Valkyrie, the latter of whom can seemingly transform back and forth into an armored tank for extra protection
  • New boss Volta Tiamat, which is kind of a terrifying Mecha Ghidorah
  • Crew Training Room and Volta Training Room to speed up leveling crew and robots respectively
  • Dagger weapon, a weak but fast-acting melee weapon alternative
  • Lots of creative new weapons: Auto Turret (mostly self-explanatory), Black Hole Beam (sucks in crew and deals DPS damage), Blaster Cannon (particularly cool in that it does damage proportionate to how long you charge it), Destroyer (allows you to deal more crew damage), Ice Launcher (slows down enemy cooldowns and can stack), and Nanomachine Cloud (slowly heals your Volta)

Volta-X Metaverse Update Mode offline roguelike GungHo Online Entertainment America new robots weapons Tiamat Black Hole

Taken as a whole, the Metaverse Update stands poised to elevate Volta-X to another level, whether playing offline in the new roguelike mode or with a lot of new gear in the online PvP component. When this mode launches on June 15 on Nintendo Switch and PC, it will definitely be the best jumping-on point the game has had since launch. GungHo has really earned your attention with this update.

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