Volta-X and its intense strategic robot battles out now on Switch & PC

Volta-X Nintendo Switch PC launch trailer out now GungHo Online Entertainment

Volta-X recently released at last from GungHo Online Entertainment for Nintendo Switch and PC, and as per usual, there is a new launch trailer to commemorate the occasion. This is an intense 1v1 strategic robot combat game about customizing your own giant robot, managing a base simulation element that helps you research myriad upgrades for your robot, and then taking your robot into battle with a team of three pilots to take down a dangerous enemy. And once you finish the single-player campaign, there’s built-in replay value with PVP, the ultimate test of your skills.

We’re in the process of reviewing Volta-X for Switch, and it delivers pretty well on all of its promises so far. The battles are nuts, being simultaneously extremely strategic and extremely fast-paced. In the early hours, I lost battles constantly and am only now starting to feel I really understand the game’s complex mechanics. However, there’s tremendous satisfaction from overcoming what is not so much a “learning curve” as it is a titanium wall that dares you to climb it.

I have a lunatic’s temper when I play video games, and GungHo’s Volta-X might be the only really difficult video game I’ve ever played that hasn’t triggered some psychopathic episode of bed-pulverizing violence. Not yet anyway. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t take very long to jump back in and try a battle again with a modified strategy.

Stay tuned for our final review of Volta-X! And check out our multifaceted previous coverage, including two previews, a full-blown interview feature with its development and art leads, and even a sampling of its awesome web comic.

John Friscia
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