Vivillon pattern guide: Get all 20 Vivillon patterns in New Pokémon Snap

Vivillon pattern guide New Pokémon Snap

There are a few Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap that appear in numerous forms, but one of the most common ones is the Scale Pokémon, Vivillon. Vivillon has 20 known patterns, and all of them can be found in the game. In this sense, it’s rather appropriate that Vivillon is #666, as trying to track down each and every version of it is an absolute nightmare of a task. If you can pull it off, however, you’ll be rewarded with an in-game title and sticker for your photographer profile. Our New Pokémon Snap Vivillon pattern guide will walk you through the process of getting each of the 20 patterns, so if you’re having trouble with a few, read on!

Meadow Pattern

guide New Pokémon Snap

The Meadow Pattern Vivillon should be among the first Pokémon you ever see in New Pokémon Snap, being found right at the beginning of Park (Day) Level 1.

Garden Pattern

guide New Pokémon Snap

Though it spawns in the level naturally, the Garden Pattern Vivillon is easily missed. Similar to the Meadow Pattern, it can also be found in Park (Day), though this time at Level 3. As you round the curve headed into the flower patch at the end of the course, simply watch the path behind you, and you should see the Garden Pattern Vivillon spawn and eventually fly overhead.

Marine Pattern

The Marine Pattern Vivillon is also fairly easy to find, and chances are you should see this naturally. Head to Beach (Day) Level 1 and you should encounter the Pokémon towards the halfway point of the level, just beyond the archway blocked off by the sleeping Exeggutor.

Ocean Pattern

The Ocean Pattern Vivillon is also fairly easy to spot, spawning naturally in Reef (Evening) Level 1. If you want a good picture of it though, head to the same level at Research Level 2 and follow the procedure for spawning Manaphy, and you should see the Ocean Pattern Vivillon fly close to where the Manaphy spawns, allowing you to get a nice close-up shot.

Monsoon Pattern

Vivillon pattern

Off to Belusylva Island now for our next few patterns in New Pokémon Snap! For the Monsoon Pattern, head into Jungle (Day) Level 2 and take the alternate swamp path. If you get there in time, you should see a couple of Aipom jumping off some Quagsire to get to your side of the pond. One of them should stop for a brief moment in front of your vehicle. Hit it with an Illumina Orb, then watch it cut the grass (a great Aipom photo!) blocking the cave on your left-hand side. Once the grass is gone, a trio of Monsoon Pattern Vivillon will fly out of the cave, allowing you the chance to get some nice photos.

River and Jungle Patterns

River (Left) and Jungle (Right) Patterns

Technically, the Jungle Pattern Vivillon can be found at the end of the waterfall path in Jungle (Day) Level 3, but alternatively, you can find it and the River Pattern Vivillon in the same place in Jungle (Night) Level 2. As you round the cliff with the sleeping Liepard at the end of the level, look towards the cliffside across from the lake. Run a scan (You may have to do this multiple times.) until you see a few unidentified tags. Quickly play the melody and run the scan again. Assuming you’ve done this in time, you should see a Jungle Pattern Vivillon and a River Pattern Vivillon fly out. If you’re trying to get both variants here, make sure the game recognizes both as you take pictures!

Modern Pattern

Vivillon pattern

The Modern Pattern Vivillon requires trekking through one of the most random stages in the game, provided you don’t know how to manipulate it. Head to Forest Level 3. You’ll want to head into the Autumn Stage after the first transition, so if you don’t want to try to get lucky, here’s how to force it. Right as you pass under the tree where the two Shiftry meet, play your melody to force the Trevenant on your right to move. This opens up an alternate path, which you need to take. As you take this path, make sure to toss a Fluffruit to the Espeon following alongside you. This is actually important to do; otherwise, you’ll wind up in a different season!

Once you’re in the Autumn Stage, proceed towards the end of the segment until you see the little river on the left side of the trail. You should see a Serperior hanging out, near a Deerling. Hit the Serperior with an Illumina Orb, then play the melody. If done correctly, Serperior will use Leaf Storm (another good photo opportunity). From here, you’ll want to look far up and to the right, where Modern Pattern Vivillon should be flying about for you.

Elegant Pattern

Vivillon pattern

The Elegant Pattern Vivillon is just as annoying to get in New Pokémon Snap as the Modern Pattern, mostly because it relies again on manipulating the Forest Level 3 stage. Again, play the melody under the tree to gain access to the alternate path, which you’ll then take. This time, make sure to hit Espeon with an Illumina Orb before you transition, guaranteeing you access to the Winter Stage.

Proceed through the Winter Stage as normal into the second foggy section. As you enter, you should see a Crystabloom just to the right, underneath the flying Drampa. Activate this with an Illumina Orb, and you should see a lost Spring Deerling approach it. We’ll need to guide this Deerling to the end of the stage for the last segment. Proceeding along the course, hit the next Crystabloom, just ahead of the first one. Next, you should see two Crystabloom, one in front and one in back. Skip over the closer one, but activate the one in back to draw Deerling closer to the end. Lastly, as you round the corner, you should see one final Crystabloom to activate. Doing so should attract an Espeon and Sawsbuck to it, but if you’ve done this right, the Deerling should also show up. Assuming you’ve gotten this far, take the alternate path at the next junction to finish off this complex task.

In this alternate final area of Forest, keep an eye out on your left for the Espeon one last time. Run a scan to make it come to ground level, throw a Fluffruit near it so it will eat, and hit it with an Illumina Orb. It should then run across the track to sit up on a rock. As you round the next corner, look to your right, where you should see the different seasonal variants of Deerling and Sawsbuck around a Crystabloom. Activate the flower to attract them to the center. Then you should see the Elegant Pattern Vivillon flying about on the right side of the track as you proceed to the exit portal.

Sandstorm Pattern

After the two forest variants, thankfully we’re on to a simple Vivillon pattern. You should be able to find the Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon naturally in Sands (Day) Level 1. If you aren’t sure where to look though, head to the end, where the Trapinch craters are. You should be able to see a few Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon flying around overhead, right out in the open.

Sun and Savanna Patterns

Vivillon pattern
Savanna Pattern Vivillon

The Sun Pattern Vivillon and Savanna Pattern Vivillon can be found at the same time in Sands (Night) Level 2. Head to the middle of the course and stay on the default Oasis path. You should see three Lycanroc prowling about. Hit them all with Fluffruit until they decide to leave. Once they’re gone, turn to the island in the Oasis and activate the Crystabloom located there. The Sun Pattern Vivillon will fly towards the Crystabloom from the direction you’re traveling in. Similarly, if you look towards the direction you came from, you should see the Savanna Pattern Vivillon also flying to the Crystabloom. Make sure to get pictures of both!

High Plains Pattern

Vivillon pattern guide New Pokémon Snap

For the High Plains Pattern Vivillon, head to Volcano Level 3. Take the Blue Magma path to the right when proceeding into the volcano proper. As you descend the final chamber of the volcano, you should see two Typhlosion wandering about the volcano floor. Lob a few Fluffruit down there so they eat and then run away. If you’re finding that you don’t have enough time, you can throw fruit early to the Typhlosion. Placed properly, the one that starts on the floor should run away quickly, and by throwing a fruit into the middle of the chamber, you can cause the second to run away immediately upon running into the room. Shortly after they leave, the High Plains Pattern Vivillon will fly out from the Ancient Ruins archway where the exit portal is located.

Tundra Pattern

Again, the Tundra Pattern Vivillon is one that you should be able to find pretty easily compared to others in New Pokémon Snap. Head to Snowfield (Day) Level 1. Proceed through the level up the snow hill, then proceed to look to your left. You should see the Tundra Pattern Vivillon flying about in the open.

Polar and Icy Snow Pattern

To get these patterns, you’ll need access to the two alternate routes in Snowfields. If you don’t know how to access these, I describe the process in detail in our Suicune guide. It’s worth noting though that, once you unlock these paths once, you won’t have to do it again. You’ll just have to actively choose to go on them.

For the Polar Pattern Vivillon, load up Snowfields (Day) Level 3 and proceed down the Snow Wall path at the base of the snow hill you’d normally go up. Once through, proceed towards the end of this path until you get the option to go down the second alternate path. Opt to go this direction, and you should see the Polar Pattern Vivillon in the resulting ice cave.

To get the Icy Snow Pattern Vivillon, load up Snowfields (Night) Level 2 and repeat the same process as above. The Icy Snow Pattern Vivillon are in the ice cave where the Polar variant was located in the day. If for some reason you don’t want pictures of either variant in this cave, the final outside area contains both versions of Vivillon during their respective days. However, taking photos in the cave is recommended since you are a lot closer to the Pokémon and can use that for higher-scoring photos.

Archipelago Pattern

The Archipelago Pattern Vivillon is another relatively easy one to find in New Pokémon Snap, though it’s found in a rather dark area and might blend in a bit. Head to Cave Level 3, and proceed down the righthand alternate path when given the choice. Activate the Diancie encounter to calm the Mawile up ahead, which opens yet another additional path to the left. Take this path, and off in the distance above the exit portal, you should find the Archipelago Pattern Vivillon. If you want a close-up picture, it will fly towards you, so don’t worry about it being far away.

Continental Pattern

To find the Continental Pattern Vivillon, you better stay on top of your Illumina Orb-throwing game. This time, we’re headed to Ruins Level 3. As we’ve done multiple times by now, head into the final chamber and proceed to activate all five totems, plus the final Crystabloom. Once you’ve done so, look back in the direction you came from, and you should see a few Continental Pattern Vivillon fly up from behind the tree root. They will fly past you, so if you want a nice close-up shot, you should be able to get one before you leave.

Fancy and Poké Ball Pattern

Vivillon pattern guide New Pokémon Snap

The final two patterns can both be found in the Research Camp course, one in each of the two routes. These routes alternate, so if you’re on the wrong path for the one you want, just quit and reload the course.

For the Fancy Pattern Vivillon, you’ll want the path that starts near the lab. Proceed along the path past the deck until you find the Starly sitting by the trough of water. Behind this trough and to the right, you should see a tree with a few Starly sitting on the branches. Hit them with a Fluffruit to cause them to fly out of the tree and into another one on the other side of camp. Track them with your camera, and as they land in their new tree, you should see a Fancy Pattern Vivillon rise from the top. It will travel alongside this last portion of the track if you want some good pictures.

Vivillon pattern guide New Pokémon Snap

For the final Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon, you’ll want the route that starts opposite the Lab. As you proceed towards the halfway point, you can see a Dedenne sleeping on top of the right-most vehicle. Pelt it with a Fluffruit and lure it to the grass behind the vehicles. (You should get a scan opportunity here.) If done correctly, the Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon will fly out of the grass. Snap it for your twentieth and final Vivillon pattern in New Pokémon Snap.

And that’s how to find all 20 Vivillon patterns in New Pokémon Snap

Vivillon pattern guide New Pokémon Snap

In the process of collecting all of these patterns, you’ll naturally encounter all tiers of Vivillon photos. Unlike most Pokémon, Vivillon’s tiers are largely based on which pattern you’re getting a picture of. As mentioned, upon finding your last pattern, you should be awarded the Vivillon Collector title and a sticker that goes with it. If you ever need to check which patterns you’ve found, head to Vivillon’s Photodex page and you can see which forms you’ve already registered. You also shouldn’t need to actually submit the pictures at the end of a course; it’s enough just to grab the photo.

Happy hunting!

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