Vivi and Steiner toys are the most beautiful these two have ever looked

Vivi and Steiner toys Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX was the last entry in the series to appear on the original PlayStation, though it has since found a new life on platforms like Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy IX was always easily my favorite of the PS1 titles for various reasons, with a breezier but still engaging and thoughtful narrative. Vivi and Steiner were undeniable highlights of the game, ostensibly stock characters but actually so full of inner richness. The good news is Japan will be releasing gorgeous Vivi and Steiner toys this November.

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On Amazon Japan, they are currently available for preorder at 17,668 yen, which works out to… $164.30 USD. Sorry, guys — quality comes at a price. A really freaking big cost, in this case, for what amounts to two action figures with a lot of swappable parts.

But collectors are just used to prices like these, and if they’re Final Fantasy IX fans, they’ll likely be able to overlook it. I mean, seriously, have Vivi and Steiner ever looked this good? These are practically pieces of art you can pose and put in your hand. I just keep admiring the images.

What do you think of these Vivi and Steiner toys? Do they get you in the mood to pop open your Final Fantasy IX game case, if not your actual wallet to buy these action figures? Let us know!


John Friscia
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